A1 Clearance Specials

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
PRIGB6SG PRIGB6SG *PRINT GOCCO B6 STAGE GLASS. In case the original Stage Glass becomes accidentally etched by flashing (cutting/exposing) the artwork without having a Print Master in place. 2 Login For Price
PRIGB6TP PRIGB6TP *PRINT GOCCO B6 TABLE PAD. B6 Replacement Pad for pad table 2 Login For Price
PRIGCF PRIGCF *RISO CORRECTION FLUID 20cc. Correct mistakes on print masters by simply sealing the holes with correction fluid. Will not damage the screen. Saves a spotting Screen Master. 1 Login For Price
PRIGI40SI PRIGI40SI *P/GOCCO INK 40cc-PEARL SILVER. Suitable for both B5 and B6 print masters - not for use on Riso Screen Mesh. Silver 298 40cc tube 1 Login For Price
PRIGL PRIGL *RISO PRINT GOCCO LAMPS Pkt.10. Print Lamps (also called bulbs ) are the heat source to transfer the design onto the screen. Lamps are exposed only once and eliminate the need for chemicals, solvents, dark rooms, hand cutting and time when making a screen. Used in all PG-5, B6, PG-11, PG Arts and B5 printer units. 4 Login For Price
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