Screen Exposure Units

Please note that this unit is designed to be used only in conjunction with a 110 volt step-down transformer power source (REFER TO PRODUCT CODE- SDT240110) and is NOT to be directly connected to any 240 volt power outlet.

This light kit is specifically designed for exposing screens using the Speedball Diazo Photo Emulsion process. The kit comprises 260mm wide x 185mm high polished aluminium reflector fitted with a ceramic bulb holder to accept the Edison screw 250 watt/110 volt Photo Flood Bulb (replacement item code SPEB4518) supplied. The reflector includes a wire support bracket by which the unit can be hung at the appropriate height (refer to exposure chart on underside of packing box) and is supplied with a heavy duty 1.8m power cord fitted with a USA two pin power plug for connection only to the step-down power supply.
Indicative exposure times for small to medium size screens are as follows -
Screen Size                                       Lamp Height                       Exposure Time
203 x 254mm (8x10")                          41cm (16")                          7 minutes
254 x 355mm (10x14")                        41cm (16")                          8 minutes
305 x 457mm (12x18")                        61cm (18")                         10 minutes

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
SDT0250W SDT0250W #STEP DOWN TRANSFORMER 250 WATT. For use with the Speedball Exposure Light unit fitted with a 250 watt/110volt Photo Flood bulb. The unit is fully enclosed in a strong metal case with rubber feet. The metal case is earthed and electrically flash tested to comply with the Australian Standard AS/NZS61558. Not intended for any other USA manufactured device with a power requirement of more than 250 watts or current of 2.27 amps. Please note item with descriptions pre-fixed # are special order products and generally available within a few days following receipt of your order. on order - coming soon Login For Price
SPEB45090 SPEB45090 SPEEDBALL 30W LUV LONGER LIFESPAN LED EXPOSURE LAMP. Enjoy printing without interruption with an LED lamp that lasts longer than traditional 250W photo bulbs. It is lightweight, portable and easy to use with broad coverage. Compatible with Speedball Diazo Photo Screen Emulsions and features an in-line On/Off rocker switch for easy to access to exposure timing Multiple mounting options with a 180-degree swivel bracket allows for hands free operation where required. - input voltage 85 - 265v AC. on order - coming soon Login For Price
SPEB4518 SPEB4518 *SPEEDBALL PHOTO FLOOD BULB 250w. Photo Flood Bulb is recommended for use only with the Speedball Exposure Lamp Kit (product code (SPEB45060) and for no other purpose. Please note that due to the wavelength of the light emitted to achieve the necessary UV output to expose the emulsion, the filaments used in these bulbs have a very short service life of approximately 3 hours. 6 Login For Price
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