Derivan Screen Printing Inks & Mediums

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DERM135DF DERM135DF DERIVAN SCREEN DRAWING FLUID 135ml. Use the Derivan Screen Drawing Fluid with a brush or directly from the bottle onto the silkscreen to create a hand-painted design. It makes creating hand-drawn prints a breeze. This straightforward process is ideal for all ages, perfect for the art studio, classroom or dining table. Non-toxic. 1 Login For Price
DERM250PG DERM250PG DERIVAN SCREEN PRINTING GEL MEDIUM 250ml. Derivan Print Gel Medium turns your acrylic paint into colours suitable for silk screen printing techniques. It increases the drying time of acrylic and stops paint from clogging on silk screen mesh. Can also be used to dilute acrylic paints when you need a more transparent finish, as it helps to reduce the colour strength. To achieve this, simply mix the Printing Gel into the paint until your desired transparency level is reached. on order - coming soon Login For Price
DERM250SB DERM250SB DERIVAN SCREEN PRINTING MESH BLOCKOUT 250ml. After painting on the Derivan Screen Drawing Fluid and letting it dry, apply the Derivan Screen Block Out to the whole silk screen. Once the Block Out is dry then wash out the Drawing Fluid with water to reveal your design. You are now ready to print. The screen will last for many prints. Remove the block out with soap and warm water leaving the screen clean and ready for your next design. 1 Login For Price
DERM250SC DERM250SC DERIVAN SCREEN MESH CLEANER 250ml. NB.Use to clean off Derivan Screen Block Out from printmaking silk screens. Apply generously with a wet sponge covering both sides of the screen and leave for five minutes. This gives the cleaner chance to absorb and break down the Derivan Screen Block Out from the fibres of the screen mesh. After five minutes use an old toothbrush to work away at the screen. Rinse the screen with cold water and leave to dry. It is advisable when using Derivan Screen Cleaner to wear protective clothing, eyewear and gloves. on order - coming soon Login For Price
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