Marabu Textile Fabric Printing Colour

Marabu Textil Print Ink is waterbased, odourless and lightfast. This highly viscous ink is slow drying. The colours dry to a matt finish and are brilliant and soft to the touch. Ideal for light and dark fabrics free of finishes and conditioners. A maximum of 20% synthetic fibre content is recommended. After drying, fix in the oven (8 minutes/1500C) or iron without steam for 3 minutes. Washable up to 400C after fixing.

Marabu Safety Data Sheets

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
MC170081 MC170081 MARABU TEXTIL SOFT LINO PRINTING/COLOURING KIT. A direct printing process - the printing plate transfers the ink directly onto the fabric. Colour the print motifs afterwards with Textil Aquarelle. Set contains 1 x100 ml Textil Print carbon black, 2 x 15 ml Textil Aquarelle in lemon and magenta, foam roller, cutting tool with 2 blades, soft-cut block (15.5 x 9 cm), brush size 12, design template and instructions. 12 Login For Price
MC170082 MC170082 MARABU TEXTIL SCREEN PRINTING KIT. Set contains 1 x 100 ml Textil Print carbon black, printing frame A5, squeegee, printing knife, design template as well as instructions. 29 Login For Price
MC170913 MC170913 MARABU TEXTIL PRINT 100ml - PYRROLE RED. 15 Login For Price
MC170914 MC170914 MARABU TEXTIL PRINT 100ml - PRIMARY MAGENTA. 17 Login For Price
MC170919 MC170919 MARABU TEXTIL PRINT 100ml - PRIMARY YELLOW. 12 Login For Price
MC170956 MC170956 MARABU TEXTIL PRINT 100ml - PRIMARY CYAN. 7 Login For Price
MC170960 MC170960 MARABU TEXTIL PRINT 100ml - LIGHT GREEN. 16 Login For Price
MC170970 MC170970 MARABU TEXTIL PRINT 100ml - TITANIUM WHITE. 13 Login For Price
MC170974 MC170974 MARABU TEXTIL PRINT 100ml - CARBON BLACK. 4 Login For Price
MCK170082 MCK170082 #MARABU TEXTIL SCREEN PRINTING+TEATOWEL KIT. Set contains 1 x 100 ml Textil Print carbon black, printing frame A5, squeegee, printing knife, design template, a white 50x70cm linen/cotton mix tea towel and instructions. on order - coming soon Login For Price
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