Screenprinting DVD's

Whether you are a first time or professional screen printer, these DVD's will take you through the essential steps to produce professional quality prints on a selection of different surfaces.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
912200823 912200823 *DALER-ROWNEY SYSTEM 3 SCREEN PRINTING DVD. Dave Fortune from the University of West England, School of Art, Media and Design in Bristol, England, demonstrates the exciting technique of non-toxic, water-based screen printing with System 3 acrylic colours and mediums. 54 Login For Price
SPEB45020 SPEB45020 *SPEEDBALL SCREENPRINT DVD. This easy-to-follow standard screen text is a comprehensive guide including setting up, screen and stencil making complete with illustrations. Gives full directions for the use of Speedball Screen Drawing Fluid Screen Filler and the Speedball Photo Emulsion Kit. 2 Login For Price
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