System 3 Screen Printing Mediums

System 3 Tinters: Used for boosting the colour strength of printing ink made by mixing System 3 Acrylic Colour and Printing Medium or Textile Medium. To boost the colour strength of a 50/50 mix, add up to 20% Tinter and mix thoroughly. Brush off dried Tinter from the end of the nozzle before use.
System 3 Waterbased Screen Blockout: Once the drawing fluid is dry the entire surface is then blocked out with System 3 Removable Screen Block, applied by squeegee. Again once dry, the previously drawn image is washed out in cold water to leave an open mesh positive image ready for printing. The screens can be reclaimed after printing by washing out the screen block with hot tap water and soap. Screen block should be kept upright.
System 3 Screen Drawing Fluid: Screen drawing fluid is applied by brush direct to the screen to create the drawn image. It can be applied neat but will probably require some dilution with water in finer detail areas.
System 3 Textile Printing Medium: Developed for screen printing onto fabrics. When mixed 1:1 with System 3 Acrylic colours the medium remains open on the screen, gives strong colour, fine definition and excellent colour fastness over 20+ washes.

Daler Rowney Safety Data Sheets

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
127229009 127229009 *System3 SCREEN PRINT TINTER 29.5ml TITANIUM WHITE. 5 Login For Price
127229036 127229036 *System3 SCREEN PRINT TINTER 29.5ml BLACK. 6 Login For Price
127229142 127229142 *System3 SCREEN PRINT TINTER 29.5ml PHTHALO BLUE. 6 Login For Price
127229361 127229361 *System3 SCREEN PRINT TINTER 29.5ml PHTHALO GREEN. 6 Login For Price
127229513 127229513 *System3 SCREEN PRINT TINTER 29.5ml CRIMSON. 6 Login For Price
127229620 127229620 *System3 SCREEN PRINT TINTER 29.5ml CADMIUM YELLOW. 6 Login For Price
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