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Arto Drawing/Sketching Paper

High quality, 100% cellulose, acid free, pH neutral, European-made drawing paper. Fine grain textured and off-white in colour. Textured on one side only with a smooth side on the other. The textured side of the paper is wonderful for ink sketching, mild ink washes, single layer watercolours, pastel and charcoal. The smooth side is ideal for graphite and pencil work. A truly multi-purpose paper for experimenting and perfecting technique. FSC certified.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
CR36321 CR36321 ^ARTO CELLULOSE DRAWING PAPER A1 150gsm Pack 5. 34 Login For Price
CR36322 CR36322 ^ARTO CELLULOSE DRAWING PAPER A2 150gsm Pack 5. 123 Login For Price
CR36323 CR36323 ^ARTO CELLULOSE DRAWING PAPER A3 150gsm Pack 10. 64 Login For Price
CR36324 CR36324 ^ARTO CELLULOSE DRAWING PAPER A4 150gsm Pack 10. 82 Login For Price
CR36325 CR36325 ^ARTO CELLULOSE DRAWING PAPER A1 180gsm Pack 5. 8 Login For Price
CR36326 CR36326 ^ARTO CELLULOSE DRAWING PAPER A2 180gsm Pack 5. 43 Login For Price
CR36327 CR36327 ^ARTO CELLULOSE DRAWING PAPER A3 180gsm Pack 10. 19 Login For Price
CR36328 CR36328 ^ARTO CELLULOSE DRAWING PAPER A4 180gsm Pack 10. 28 Login For Price
CR36332 CR36332 ^ARTO CELLULOSE DRAWING PAPER A4 225g Pack 10. 12 Login For Price
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