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Cartridge Drawing Paper

Our cartridge is guaranteed to be just that . . . "genuine cartridge" not printers' offset paper. It is acid-free and neutral pH and guaranteed to be the very best quality genuine artists sketching cartridge. It has medium tooth finish and high strength with good whiteness, suitable for pen and ink, painting, pencil and crayon work.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
CARP11015 CARP11015 CARTRIDGE PAPER 110gsm 38 x 56cm Ream 500. 6 Login For Price
CARP11022 CARP11022 CARTRIDGE PAPER 110gsm 56 x76cm Pack 250 1 Login For Price
CARP110A1 CARP110A1 CARTRIDGE PAPER 110gsm A1 Pack 250. 7 Login For Price
CARP110A2 CARP110A2 CARTRIDGE PAPER 110gsm A2 Ream 500 85 Login For Price
CARP110A3 CARP110A3 CARTRIDGE PAPER 110gsm A3 Ream 500 171 Login For Price
CARP110A4 CARP110A4 CARTRIDGE PAPER 110gsm A4 Ream 500 159 Login For Price
CARP110RL CARP110RL CARTRIDGE PAPER ROLL 110gsm 76cm x 10metres 28 Login For Price
CARP130A1 CARP130A1 CARTRIDGE PAPER 135gsm A1 PACK OF 250 SHEETS. 11 Login For Price
CARP130A2 CARP130A2 CARTRIDGE PAPER 135gsm A2 PACK OF 500 SHEETS. 26 Login For Price
CARP130A3 CARP130A3 CARTRIDGE PAPER 135gsm A3 PACK OF 500 SHEETS. 22 Login For Price
CARP130A4 CARP130A4 CARTRIDGE PAPER 135gsm A4 PACK OF 500 SHEETS. 208 Login For Price
CARP200A1 CARP200A1 CARTRIDGE PAPER 200gsm A1 PACK 100. Premium quality heavyweight cartridge paper. 39 Login For Price
CARP200A2 CARP200A2 CARTRIDGE PAPER 200gsm A2 PACK 100. Premium quality heavyweight cartridge paper. 17 Login For Price
CARP200A3 CARP200A3 CARTRIDGE PAPER 200gsm A3 PACK 100. Premium quality heavyweight cartridge paper. 156 Login For Price
CARP200A4 CARP200A4 CARTRIDGE PAPER 200gsm A4 PACK 100. Premium quality heavyweight cartridge paper. 298 Login For Price

#CARTRIDGE PAPER 110g/A4 PUNCHED 7 HOLES-Pack of 50 Sheets. Punched with 7 holes on the long edge to suit all loose lesf binders and folders.Only avaliable while current stock lasts.

on order - coming soon Login For Price
CR36953 CR36953 *CARTRIDGE PAPER 110gsm-10 SHEETS 56x76cm ROLLED. Pack of 10 large 56x76cm (22x30 inch) rolled sheets. 8 Login For Price
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