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Clairefontaine Alpha Lavis

This 100% pure alpha cellulose, high-quality, natural white smooth drawing paper is dedicated to professionals in graphic arts and technical drawing who require precision. Recommended for precise and detailed drawing with pencil, technical pen, felt-tip, and nib. Very resistant, it enables repeated corrections by scratching and erasing without going fluffy. Suggested for archiving. Also used for printing.


Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
CF0975070 CF0975070 CLAIREFONTAINE ALPHA LAVIS DRAWING PAPER 200gsm A4 Pack 50 Sheets. 3 Login For Price
CF0975095 CF0975095 CLAIREFONTAINE ALPHA LAVIS DRAWING PAPER 200gsm A3 Pack 20 Sheets. 8 Login For Price
CF0975098 CF0975098 CLAIREFONTAINE ALPHA LAVIS DRAWING PAPER 200gsm 50x65cm Pack 10 Sheets. 9 Login For Price
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