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Clairefontaine Cray'On Drawing Paper

Premium quality, extra-white drawing paper, made from 100% cellulose featuring a light grain on one side and a smooth finish on the reverse. An ideal surface for working with multiple techniques, Cray'On is perfectly suited for sketching, drawing, ink and gouache (in the heavier weights). The sheets are archival and acid-free and possesses a high resistance against scraping and repeated erasures.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
CF0975037 CF0975037 CLAIREFONTAINE CRAY'ON PAPER ROLL 200gsm 1.5 x 10m. 2 Login For Price
CF0975067 CF0975067 CLAIREFONTAINE CRAY'ON DRAWING PAPER 200gsm A4 Pack 50. 10 Login For Price
CF0975068 CF0975068 CLAIREFONTAINE CRAY'ON DRAWING PAPER 200gsm A3 Pack 25. 2 Login For Price
CF0975069 CF0975069 CLAIREFONTAINE CRAY'ON DRAWING PAPER 200gsm 50 x 65cm Pack 10. 1 Login For Price
CF0975109 CF0975109 CLAIREFONTAINE CRAY'ON DRAWING PAPER 200gsm 70 x 100cm Pack 10. 4 Login For Price
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