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Clairefontaine Dessin Croquis

Dessin Croquis is a whiter and smoother drawing paper than the Dessin A Grain.  It is well suited to all dry techniques – pencil, charcoal, pen, sanguine, felt tip etc and the smooth surface assists in creating precise and quick drawings and sketches. The heavier weights are suitable for use with gouache and watercolours.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
CF0001701 CF0001701


8 Login For Price
CF0001702 CF0001702 DESSIN-CROQUIS DRAWING PAPER A3 160gsm Pack 50. 1 Login For Price
CF0001714 CF0001714 CLAIREFONTAINE DESSIN-CROQUIS DRAWING PAPER A3 200gsm Pack 50 134 Login For Price
CF0001785 CF0001785 DESSIN-CROQUIS DRAWING PAPER A4 160gsm Pack 100. 7 Login For Price
CF0001982 CF0001982 DESSIN-CROQUIS DRAWING PAPER A4 120gsm Pack 100. 9 Login For Price
CF0001988 CF0001988 DESSIN-CROQUIS DRAWING PAPER A4 200gsm Pack 100 0 Login For Price
CF0003712 CF0003712 DESSIN-CROQUIS DRAWING PAPER 50x65cm 120gsm Pack 25 7 Login For Price
CF0003713 CF0003713 DESSIN-CROQUIS DRAWING PAPER 50x65cm 160gsm Pack 25 8 Login For Price
CF0003714 CF0003714 DESSIN-CROQUIS DRAWING PAPER 50x65cm 200gsm Pack 25 100 Login For Price
CF0037280 CF0037280 DESSIN-CROQUIS DRAWING PAPER A2 120gsm Pack.25. 7 Login For Price
CF0037290 CF0037290 DESSIN-CROQUIS DRAWING PAPER A2 160gsm Pack 25. 11 Login For Price
CF0037292 CF0037292 DESSIN-CROQUIS DRAWING PAPER A1 160gsm Pack 10 35 Login For Price
CF0037320 CF0037320 DESSIN-CROQUIS DRAWING PAPER A1 200gsm Pack 10 14 Login For Price
CF0037322 CF0037322 DESSIN-CROQUIS DRAWING PAPER A2 200gsm Pack 25 6 Login For Price
CF0037325 CF0037325 DESSIN-CROQUIS PAPER 75x105cm 200gsm Pack 50 37 Login For Price
CF0037328 CF0037328 DESSIN-CROQUIS DRAWING PAPER A4 250gsm Pack 100. 10 Login For Price
CF0037329 CF0037329 DESSIN-CROQUIS DRAWING PAPER A3 250gsm Pack 50. 0 Login For Price
CF0037332 CF0037332 CLAIREFONTAINE DESSIN-CROQUIS PAPER A3 250gsm Pack 250. 0 Login For Price
CF0037333 CF0037333 DESSIN-CROQUIS DRAWING PAPER A2 250gsm Pack 25. 0 Login For Price
CF0037337 CF0037337 DESSIN-CROQUIS DRAWING PAPER A1 250gsm Pack 10 0 Login For Price
CF0096712 CF0096712 DESSIN-CROQUIS DRAWING PAPER 120g ROLL 1.5x10m. 56 Login For Price
CF0096713 CF0096713 DESSIN-CROQUIS DRAWING PAPER 160g ROLL 1.5x10m. 16 Login For Price
CF0096714 CF0096714 DESSIN-CROQUIS DRAWING PAPER 200g ROLL 1.5x10m. 21 Login For Price
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