Papers and Boards


Boxboard has many applications including construction, display and art portfolios when bound with bookbinders tape. This sturdy, thick board is available in several sizes, weights and thicknesses.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
BOXB30H BOXB30H BOXBOARD HEAVYWEIGHT 1440gsm 762 x 1016mm (30x40in) 3mm thick. 90 Login For Price
BOXB30L BOXB30L BOXBOARD LIGHTWEIGHT 690gsm 762 x 1016mm (30x40in) 1mm thick 29 Login For Price
BOXB30M BOXB30M BOXBOARD MEDIUM WEIGHT 1100gsm 762 x 1016mm (30x40in) 2mm thick -1 Login For Price
BOXB30S BOXB30S BOXBOARD SUPER HEAVYWEIGHT 1780gsm 762 x 1016mm (30x40in) 4mm thick 17 Login For Price
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