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Fabriano "Elle Erre" Art Boards

This coloured card stock has been manufactured from pure cellulose with a high concentration of quality pigments to produce a heavy weight, 220gsm lignin and acid-free, neutral pH card stock in a range of intense and vivid colours. Elle Erre lends itself to many different uses because of its two distinct surfaces ...smooth on one and textured on the reverse making it adaptable to any papercrafting activity and will also accept pastels, pencils and inks etc. Its characteristics make it particularly suitable for memory books, card making, rubber stamping and all graphic art applications.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
F42450709 F42450709 *FABRIANO ELLE ERRE ART BOARD SCARLET RED 50x70cm PACK 20 1 Login For Price
F42450710 F42450710 *FABRIANO ELLE ERRE ART BOARD PEA GREEN 50x70cm PACK 20 2 Login For Price
F42450716 F42450716 *FABRIANO ELLE ERRE ART BOARD ROSE PINK 50x70cm PACK 20 6 Login For Price
F46435106 F46435106 *FABRIANO ELLE ERRE CARDBOARD MID BROWN 35x50cm PACK 10 1 Login For Price
F71014004 F71014004 *FABRIANO ELLE ERRE ARTBOARD PURPLE A4 - PACK 50 1 Login For Price
F71014006 F71014006 *FABRIANO ELLE ERRE ARTBOARD MID BROWN A4 - PACK 50 6 Login For Price
F71014016 F71014016 *FABRIANO ELLE ERRE ARTBOARD ROSE PINK A4 - PACK 50 2 Login For Price
F71014023 F71014023 *FABRIANO ELLE ERRE ARTBOARD FUSCHIA A4 - PACK 50 5 Login For Price
F71014026 F71014026 *FABRIANO ELLE ERRE ARTBOARD ORANGE A4 - PACK 50 2 Login For Price
F71014027 F71014027 *FABRIANO ELLE ERRE ARTBOARD CARMINE RED A4 - PACK 50 1 Login For Price
F71023003 F71023003 *FABRIANO ELLE ERRE ARTBOARD LIGHT BROWN A3 - PACK 25 1 Login For Price
F71023006 F71023006 *FABRIANO ELLE ERRE ARTBOARD MID BROWN A3 - PACK 25 4 Login For Price
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