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Foam Board - Graffic

Graffic foam board is made of a white paper with a slightly fibrous surface and an extra fine grain. It is ideal for graphic arts, as its name suggests! Its surface is perfectly adapted for drawing with pencil, graph liner, felt pen, marker, Indian ink, gouache, dry pastels. Composed of a white polystyrene foam and covered with an extra white paper these panels are perfectly adapted for drawings, illustrations, manga, comics, architectural models and any other 3D construction to be coloured. They are easy to cut and maintain their rigidity. The foam can contain up to 25% recycled polystyrene. We recommend thin thicknesses for dry techniques in various sizes suitable for all artistic projects.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
CF0093641 CF0093641 CLAIREFONTAINE GRAFFIC 5mm FOAMBOARD 100x140cm WHITE Pack 5 Sheets. 5 Login For Price
CF0093645 CF0093645 CLAIREFONTAINE GRAFFIC 10mm FOAMBOARD 100x140cm WHITE Pack sheets. 6 Login For Price
CF0975386 CF0975386 CLAIREFONTAINE GRAFFIC 3mm FOAMBOARD A4 WHITE Pack 6. 0 Login For Price
CF0975387 CF0975387 CLAIREFONTAINE GRAFFIC 3mm FOAMBOARD A3 WHITE Pack 6. 18 Login For Price
CF0975388 CF0975388 CLAIREFONTAINE GRAFFIC 3mm FOAMBOARD A2 WHITE Pack 6. 9 Login For Price
CF0975389 CF0975389 CLAIREFONTAINE GRAFFIC 3mm FOAMBOARD A1 WHITE Pack 6. 6 Login For Price
CF0975390 CF0975390 CLAIREFONTAINE GRAFFIC 3mm FOAMBOARD 50x65cm WHITE Pack 5. 10 Login For Price
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