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Mountboard - Arqadia

Arqadia professional quality mounting boards for the mounting and framing of artwork, prints, photo's etc. The crisp white core consists of chemically purified cellulose fibres free from groundwood and is alkaline sized to minimise the effects of atmospheric pollutants. Buffered to an alkaline pH level that falls within the range of 7 - 9.5 the boards are laminated with a specially formulated adhesive which is both pH neutral and archival. Minimum purchase of 5 boards.

Arqadia White-Core Board offers a quality mount board at an affordable price. Manufactured to be more stable and rigid than other matboards. Premium quality, crisp white core & backing. Acid-free & buffered to an alkaline pH. Smooth, clean and easy to cut. Minimum purchase of 5 boards.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
APB5001 APB5001 ARQADIA MOUNTING BOARD 812x1016mm (32x40inch ) ARCTIC WHITE 4 Login For Price
APB5011 APB5011 ARQADIA MOUNTING BOARD 812x1016mm (32x40inch ) SMOOTH BLACK 16 Login For Price
APB5045 APB5045 ARQADIA MOUNTING BOARD 812x1016mm (32x40inch ) GREY 6 Login For Price
APB5053 APB5053 ARQADIA MOUNTING BOARD 812x1016mm (32x40inch ) BLUE/GREY 7 Login For Price
APB5213 APB5213 ARQADIA MOUNTING BOARD 812x1016mm (32x40inch) CREAM 5 Login For Price
APB5628 APB5628 ARQADIA MOUNTING BOARD 812x1016mm (32x40inch) IVORY 0 Login For Price
APB5698 APB5698 ARQADIA MOUNTING BOARD 812x1016mm (32x40inch) GLACIER WHITE 9 Login For Price
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