Papers and Boards


A double sided white board for printing, mounting, construction, poster and display work.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
CARS20SQ CARS20SQ CARDBOARD SQUARES 400gsm 20x20cm Pack of 100. Manufactured from 6 sheet, double sided, white pasteboard these cardboard squares are ideal for classroom construction and cardmaking projects. 0 Login For Price
PASB2010 PASB2010 PASTEBOARD WHITE 510x635mm 600gsm Pack10. 12 Login For Price
PASB204 PASB204 PASTEBOARD WHITE 510 x 635mm 250gsm Pack 20. 5 Login For Price
PASB206 PASB206 PASTEBOARD WHITE 510x635mm 400gsm Pack 20. 2 Login For Price
PASB208 PASB208 PASTEBOARD WHITE 510x635mm 500gsm Pack 10. 6 Login For Price
PASB64008 PASB64008 PASTEBOARD WHITE 640 x 1020mm 500gsm Pack 50. 2 Login For Price
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