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Awagami Asarakusui Coloured Paper

The technique of Rakusui (create gaps on the surface by dropping water) has existed for years. In the manufacture of 27gsm Asarakusui paper, Awagami redefined this method by adding hemp fibres in the paper so that the gaps on the surface are emphasized and crisp. The hemp fibre has natural gloss and the clear gaps give the paper a refreshing and cool effect. By utilizing the transparent aspect, this paper is suitable for making lampshades as well as many other art and craft applications. Can also be used as special purpose wrapping paper.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
AW2305108 AW2305108 *AWAGAMI ASARAKUSUI PAPER 27gsm RED 545x788mm Pack 25 11 Login For Price
AW2305109 AW2305109 AWAGAMI ASARAKUSUI PAPER 27gsm NATURAL 545x788mm Pack 25 12 Login For Price
AW2305111 AW2305111 *AWAGAMI ASARAKUSUI PAPER 27gsm MOSS GREEN 545x788mm Pack 25 1 Login For Price
AW2305116 AW2305116 *AWAGAMI ASARAKUSUI PAPER 27gsm BORDEAUX 545x788mm Pack 25 5 Login For Price
AW2305117 AW2305117 *AWAGAMI ASARAKUSUI PAPER 27gsm DARK BLUE 545x788mm Pack 25 3 Login For Price
AW23051AS AW23051AS Login For Price
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