Papers and Boards

Craft Papers - Preprinted

Craft papers with pre-printed designs and patterns.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
NP050 NP050 PATTERNED PAPER A3 - BARK ASSORTED Pkt 40. This pack contains 40 sheets of A3 paper that imitates 8 different types of trees and their bark. It is ideal for creating collages, combining with wood to enhance natural displays and printing. 4 Login For Price
PA167 PA167 PATTERNED PAPER - METALLIC RIPPLE Pkt 40. This bold, metallic, ripple textured paper is ideal for adding another dimension to craft pieces. A packet of 40 pieces in 8 assorted colours. 2 Login For Price
PA281 PA281 DOWN UNDER PAPER in 8 DESIGNS - Pack 32. Give your projects a touch of the outback with this paper that has been inspired by Aboriginal design traditions. This pack has 4 each of 8 colourful designs. 220 x 280mm 80 gsm. 5 Login For Price
PA810 PA810 RICE PAPER COLOURED & PATTERNED 50x75cm ASST Pkt10. This pack contains 10 pieces of 50 x 75cm sheets of rice paper in assorted patterns. Patterns may vary from pack to pack. 2 Login For Price
PA843 PA843 ORIENTAL DECORATIVE PAPER A4 PATTERNED Pkt 10. A packet of 10 A4 patterned papers in various oriental designs. -1 Login For Price
PA910 PA910 PATTERN PAPER A4 - INDIGENOUS AUSTRALIA Packet 40. Includes 40 A4 sheets of 8 assorted designs including 6 different backgrounds and 2 patterned papers. Each background represents an aspect of the Australian landscape. 2 Login For Price
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