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Marker Paper

A classroom pack ream (500 sheets) of high quality A3 bleedproof paper ideal for use with alcohol markers, pens and alcohol ink mediums. Premium Italian paper with an exceptional resistance to bleed-through means the colour can be applied to both sides of the paper with minor variance. The non-pill, ultra smooth and clean white surface provides exceptional definition of marker lines and detail work. As a lighter weight 75gsm paper, it can be used to trace and render over a design underneath. Students can explore markers and inks with this cost effective paper. A versatile paper for the art classroom.

Bleedproof paper produces superior results when using alcohol/spirit-based markers e.g.Shinhan Touch Markers. Unlike other papers, its special surface slowly absorbs only a small amount of ink. This creates a delayed drying time which allows colours to be easily layered and blended. This paper also helps to preserve the life of a marker as less ink is required and the paper’s smooth surface creates less wear and tear on the nib. Bleedproof paper is ideal for story boarding, marker illustration, concept sketches, layouts and rendering exercises.

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BLEP500A3 BLEP500A3 BLEEDPROOF MARKER PAPER 75g A3 Pack 500. 1 Login For Price
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