Papers and Boards

Tissue Paper

Ideal for many craft and papercraft projects

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
ACIFT5075 ACIFT5075 ACID FREE TISSUE PAPER - WHITE 500x750mm Pack 480.This grade of tissue paper is suitable for storage and preservation of artwork due to its neutral pH level. 8 Login For Price
CF0093474 CF0093474 MOUSSELINE (TISSUE) PAPER 37gsm 65x104cm Pack 50.Very thin and flexible, this pH-neutral, acid-free white tissue paper is mainly used to protect drawings in a portfolio or to preserve fragile objects such assculptures and paintings. These large sheets of heavier 37g weight tissue can also be used as tracing paper or to make sewing patterns. 5 Login For Price
TISP255 TISP255 TISSUE PAPER - COLOURED 250 x 375mm Pack 100. Contains 10 sheets each of 10 colours. 11 Login For Price
TISP380 TISP380 PRISM TISSUE PAPER - COLOURED 375 x 500mm Pack 100. Contains 10 sheets each of 10 colours. 5 Login For Price
TISP510 TISP510 PRISM TISSUE PAPER - COLOURED 500 x 750mm Pack 100. Contains 10 sheets each of 10 colours. 3 Login For Price
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