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Awagami Editioning Papers

Awagami Editioning Papers are crafted with the artistry and knowledge obtained over 300 years of Washi papermaking. The papers are made using traditional Japanese fibres such as Kozo and Gampi as well as other non-tree fibres such as bamboo and cotton. The fibres are skillfully combined, yielding Washi with highly unique textures and expressive characteristics. All Washi in this collection feature 4 feathery deckled edges that add a subtle refinement tp finished works.

Awagami Editioning Papers are acid-free, archival and made with strict attention to quality and preservation. All papers in this series may be used by artists for a wide range of techniques. 

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AW0169001 AW0169001 AWAGAMI OKAWARA EDITIONING PAPER 51gsm 43x52cm Pack 25. Warm natural colour, medium 51gsm weight and subtle surface texture. Manufactured from 75% alpha cellulose and 25% Kozo fibre, acid-free with a pH level of 6-7. 0 Login For Price
AW2135005 AW2135005 AWAGAMI SHIRAMINE EDITIONING PAPER 43x52cm Pack 25 1 Login For Price
AW2135007 AW2135007 AWAGAMI HAKUHO EDITIONING PAPER 220gsm 43x52cm Pack 25. Manufactured from 45% Kozo and 55% cotton fibre, acid-free with a pH level of 7-8. It's strong and resilient surface lends unique textural depth to art works created upon it. 7 Login For Price
AW2135245 AW2135245 AWAGAMI BAMBOO EDITIONING PAPER 250gsm 43x52cm Pack 25. Soft surface making it ideal for intaglio, letterpress and block printing. Manufactured from 70% bamboo with 30% recycled Kozo fibre it is acid-free with a pH level of 5-6. 12 Login For Price
AW3507131 AW3507131 AWAGAMI HOSHO SELECT EDITION PAPER 80gsm 43x52cm Pack 25. . Long recognised by printmakers as one of the most versatile of Japanese washi papers Hosho Select is particularly suitable for lino and wood block prints. Manufactured from 100% alpha cellulose un-sized fibre. 9 Login For Price
AW3516000 AW3516000 AWAGAMI KITAKATA EDITIONING PAPER 43x52cm CREAM Pack 25. Off-white in color and silky in texture, Kitakata is handmade from gampi fiber, and is acid-free with 4 deckle edges. 1 Login For Price
AW3516010 AW3516010 AWAGAMI KITAKATA EDITIONING PAPER 43 x 52cm 36gsm GREEN Pack 25. This soft green, warm-toned paper is quite dense but resilient making ideal for many types of printmaking. Manufactured from 90% Gampi with 10% alpha cellulose fibre it is acid-free with a pH level of 6-7 and un-sized. 16 Login For Price
AW3516122 AW3516122 AWAGAMI KITAKATA EDITIONING PAPER 43 x 52cm 90gsm NATURAL Pack 25. Hand made from 90% Gampi fibre with 10% alpha cellulose. Off-white in colour and silky in texture it features a subtle gloss, nice density and soft surface finish. Acid-free. 7 Login For Price
AW8990176 AW8990176 AWAGAMI EDITION STARTER PACK 21 x 26cm 20 sheet Pack. Contains 2 sheets (210x260mm) each of the Awagami Printmaking Editioning papers - Kitakata 36gsm, Kitakata Green 36gsm, Kitakata Select 90gsm, Hosho Select 80gsm, Bamboo Select 170gsm, Shiramine Select 110gsm, Kozo Natural Select 46gsm, Okawara Select 51gsm, Hakuho Select 220gsm and Bunkoshi Select 70gsm. 41 Login For Price
AW9159222 AW9159222 AWAGAMI BUNKOSHI EDITIONING PAPER 70gsm 43x52cm Pack 25. Deep natural cream colour with a smooth surface. Its texture is classically Japanese with no additional sizing making it an excellent paper both for printmaking and calligraphy. Manufactured from 70% alpha cellulose with 30% Kozo fibre. Acid-free. 6 Login For Price
AW9159330 AW9159330 AWAGAMI KOZO EDITIONING PAPER 46gsm 43x52cm Pack 25. Crafted from 80% long-fibred Kozo and 20% alpha cellulose fibres making it an exceptionally strong yet pliable paper. It is acid-free (pH 6-7) and manufactured without sizing. 16 Login For Price
AW9201821 AW9201821 #AWAGAMI TENGUCHO 9gm 20m ROLL. 97cm wide. A classic, super thin (yet extremely strong) washi 'tissue' paper. This100% kozo fiber Tengucho paper is are primarily used in art conservation & restoration for mending torn paper and backing antique documents, textiles, etc. Tengucho can also be used as a lovely overlay for invitations and artwork presentation......Artists have also found unique ways to use these ethereal papers! Please note item with descriptions pre-fixed # are special order products and generally available within a few days following receipt of your order. 39 Login For Price
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