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Awagami Sumi Ink Paper

This Awagami Bamboo paper has been specially developed for sumi-ink painting. With superb ink absorbency,Awagami Bamboo highlights the expressive brushwork and 'bleed'of traditional sumi-ink painting.Since Awagami Bamboo is a thick 250gsm sheet,it makes mounting unnecessary. Interleaf pages are included between each bamboo sheet to prevent ink bleed-through between pages. Awagami Sumi-ink Bamboo is 100% acid free,unsized and made in Japan with no fluorescent bleaching.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
AW8362013 AW8362013 *AWAGAMI BAMBOO 110g SUMI-E INK PAPER 24x32cm POCHETTE of 6 23 Login For Price
AW8390301 AW8390301 AWAGAMI BAMBOO SUMI-INK POSTCARD 100x148mm PAD 15 sheets 31 Login For Price
AW8390302 AW8390302 *AWAGAMI BAMBOO SUMI-INK PAINTING PAD 158x228mm 15 sheets 25 Login For Price
AW8390303 AW8390303 *AWAGAMI BAMBOO SUMI-INK PAINTING PAD 242x272mm 15 sheets 32 Login For Price
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