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Block Printing Paper

Subi Block Printing Paper is a a long fibred, sturdy white paper strong enough to accept both water and oil-based inks. It features a semi-parchment like feel but with no obvious mottling. Provides strength to withstand burnishing.
The Speedball Block Printing Paper is an unbleached 45gsm artist block printing paper manufactured from mulberry and bamboo fibres. The sheets are thin, but strong, smooth on one side and lightly textured on the other side. It is ideal for lino block, wood block, silkscreen printing, sumi painting, light water media, bookbinding and digital photo reproductions. Neutral pH 

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
SPEB4324 SPEB4324 SPEEDBALL MULBERRY BLOCK PRINTING PAPER 230x305mm (9x12inch) PACK 25. Fine Artist quality printmaking paper made from unbleached kozo (mulberry) and bamboo fibres. Although lightweight (45gsm) it is very strong making it ideal for lino block, wood block and screen printing plus sumi and light water media painting, bookbinding and digital photo reproductions. 7 Login For Price
SUBPWH09 SUBPWH09 *SUBI BLOCK PRINTING PAPER 80gsm WHITE 230 x 305mm (9x12 inch) PACK 100. 507 Login For Price
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