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Clairefontaine Paint'On Multimedia Paper

The ultimate mixed media option for any artist. The heavy-weight 250gsm is ideal for a whole host of wet and dry mediums and the super smooth surface will allow you to get the finest details right first time. Resistant to scratching and allows for multiple layers. The heavy weight and good absorption of the papers in the Paint'ON range make them ideal for both dry and wet techniques. 
White: Features a very light grain and is excellent for creating precise drawings.
Black: Provides wonderful contrasts and the slightly rough grain provides a depth which will enhance works in lighter colours.
Grained: Two distinctive surfaces. One side has a pronounced grain to give character to creations. The other side is smooth and is dedicated to precise drawings. 
Natural: A cream/ivory shade. The fine, rough grain of this paper will give a beautiful ground to your work, and can be used to give it a softer edge.
Grey: Features a fine rough grain and lends itself to highlighting work. It will give depth and character to colour shades, particularly white. 
Denim: Natural blue-grey mineral colour is very suitable for various techniques, such as drawing, pastel, Indian ink, watercolour or oil painting.
Grey Green: Natural mineral shade of an original grey/green is ideal for use with pastel, ink, watercolours etc. A very soft colour that will emphasize the depth of black lines and the brightness of light colours, particularly whites.
Smooth: Smooth white paper ideal for illustrations and technical drawings. Suitable for all dry and wet techniques.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
CF0096542 CF0096542 CLAIREFONTAINE PAINT'ON NATURAL 250gsm 50 x 65cm Pack 25 0 Login For Price
CF0975052 CF0975052 CLAIREFONTAINE PAINT'ON GRAINED 250gsm 50 x 65cm Pack 10. 20 Login For Price
CF0975161 CF0975161 CLAIREFONTAINE PAINT'ON BLACK 250gsm 1.3 x 10m Roll 1 Login For Price
CF0975162 CF0975162 CLAIREFONTAINE PAINT'ON BLACK 250gsm 50x65cm Pack 10. 0 Login For Price
CF0975163 CF0975163 CLAIREFONTAINE PAINT'ON NATURAL 250gsm 1.3 x 10m Roll 2 Login For Price
CF0975164 CF0975164 CLAIREFONTAINE PAINT'ON GREY 250gsm 1.3 x 10m Roll 4 Login For Price
CF0975165 CF0975165 CLAIREFONTAINE PAINT'ON GRAINED 250gsm 1.3 x 10m Roll 3 Login For Price
CF0975166 CF0975166 CLAIREFONTAINE PAINT'ON 250gsm LIGHT GRAIN WHITE 1.3x10m Roll 0 Login For Price
CF0975413 CF0975413 CLAIREFONTAINE PAINT'ON PAPER 250gsm A1 ASSORTED Pack of 12. Contains two A1 (594x840mm) sheets each of the six shades of white, grained white, natural, grey, denim (blue-grey) and black 5 Login For Price
CF0975414 CF0975414 CLAIREFONTAINE PAINT'ON DENIM 250gsm 50 x 65cm Pack 5. 6 Login For Price
CF0975708 CF0975708 CLAIREFONTAINE PAINT'ON GREY GREEN 250gsm 50 x 65cm Pack 15 4 Login For Price
CF0975709 CF0975709 CLAIREFONTAINE PAINT'ON GREY GREEN 250gsm 1.3 x 10m ROLL 2 Login For Price
CF0975732 CF0975732 CLAIREFONTAINE PAINT'ON SMOOTH WHITE 250gsm 50x65cm Pack 10 0 Login For Price
CF0975733 CF0975733 CLAIREFONTAINE PAINT'ON SMOOTH WHITE 250gsm 1.3 x 10m ROLL 0 Login For Price
CF0975812 CF0975812 CLAIREFONTAINE PAINT'ON GREY 250gsm 50 x 65cm Pack 15 9 Login For Price
CF0975813 CF0975813 CLAIREFONTAINE PAINT'ON WHITE 250gsm 50 x 65cm Pack 20 13 Login For Price
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