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Stillman & Birn Multi-Media Paper

Stillman & Birn multi-media papers are a unique range of sketching, drawing and light wash watercolour painting papers. These archival quality papers feature both internal and external surface sizing with exceptional wet-strength that withstands multiple erasures making it suitable for all dry media and light watercolour washes. When used with light washes, pigments remains on the sheet surface resulting in brilliant, vibrant and glowing colours. The Vellum (or soft press) surface has a distinctive surface tooth that is suitable for all dry media and will also accept multiple light washes without buckling and curling. Cold Press finish features exceptional strength for all multi-media applications and the Hot Press (or plate) finish is a particularly smooth surface suitable for pen & ink, graphite and colouring pencils plus water-based markers. 
• Gamma series – Ivory, 150gsm, Vellum paper for dry media and light washes. 
• Delta series – Ivory, 270gsm, Cold Press paper with enhanced wet strength.  
 Epsilon series – Natural white, 150gsm Hot Press paper for all dry media


Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
SB442230 SB442230 *STILLMAN & BIRN MULTIMEDIA PAPER - GAMMA SERIES 150gsm 558 x 702mm (22x30 Inch) Pack 5. 31 Login For Price
SB662230 SB662230 *STILLMAN & BIRN MULTIMEDIA PAPER - DELTA SERIES 270gsm 558x702mm (22x30 Inch) Pack 5 2 Login For Price
SB772230 SB772230 *STILLMAN & BIRN MULTIMEDIA PAPER - EPSILON SERIES 150gsm 558x702mm (22x30 Inch) Pack 5 27 Login For Price
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