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EssDee Scraperfoil

Create dazzling effects by engraving or scraping the dense black surface and revealing the shimmering colour underneath.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
ESDCF102 ESDCF102 ESSDEE COPPER SCRAPERFOIL 152x229mm Pack 10. 10 Login For Price
ESDHF102 ESDHF102 ^HOLOGRAPHIC SCRAPERFOIL 152x229mm Pack 10. 5 Login For Price
ESDRF102 ESDRF102 ^ESSDEE RAINBOW SCRAPERFOIL 152x229mm Pack 10. 10 Login For Price
ESDSF102 ESDSF102 ^ESSDEE SILVER SCRAPERFOIL 152x229mm Pack 10 7 Login For Price
ESDSFCP2 ESDSFCP2 ^ESSDEE SCRAPERFOIL 200x250mm CLASSPACK OF 30. This complete classpack allows students to create dazzling effects by simply scraping away the black surface coating to revail the shimmering metallac effects beneath. Classpack ncludes 10 sheets each of the 200x250mm Silver, Rainbow & Holographic scraperfoils, 30 scrapercutter holders with PVC protective covers plus 30 each of the no.2 and no.5 scrapercutters. 7 Login For Price
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