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Scratch-Art Papers

Discover a hundred-and-one creative uses for this unique product! Bright, dazzling colour appears by just scratching through the top black coating. The special black scratch-off ink scratches away easily with the Scratch Stick. Safe, clean, fast and fun!

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
SA018 SA018 *CREATIVE WHITE BACKGROUND 210 x 279mm Pack 50. Scratch this black coated paper to reveal a solid white background. Ideal for creating the traditional scratchboard look. Ready for original or transferred art. 0 Login For Price
SA1366 SA1366 *SCRATCH ART SCRATCH-CLEAR FILM 203x247mm (8x9.75in) Pack 30. Scratch Clear is a black-coated clear film sheet ready for scratching. Scratch with a wood drawing stylus and expose the totally clear surface beneath. For a rear-lit stained glass effect use coloured cellophane or draw with crayons or markers on translucent vellum or tracing paper. 3 Login For Price
SCRL8 SCRL8 SCRATCH-ART SCRATCH-LITE FILM 203 x 247mm (8x9.75Inch) Pack10. Instant stained glass! The top opaque black coating on each sheet covers many colours printed onto a clear plastic sheet. 2 Login For Price
SCRPF508 SCRPF508 *SCRATCH-ART FLURO PAPER 216 x 279mm (8.5x11Inch) Pack 50. Contains 10 sheets each of 5 fluorescent colours 70 Login For Price
SCRPGS108 SCRPGS108 ^SCRATCH-ART GOLD/SILVER FOIL PAPER 216 x 279mm (8.5x11Inch) Pack 10. Contains 5 sheets each of Gold and Silver. 0 Login For Price
SCRPM128 SCRPM128 *SCRATCH- ART MULTICOLOUR PAPER 216 x 279mm (8.5x11Inch) Pack 12. 53 Login For Price
SCRPM508 SCRPM508 ^SCRATCH-ART MULTICOLOUR PAPER 216x279mm (8.5x11inch) Pack 50. 8 Login For Price
SCRPRW128 SCRPRW128 *SCRATCH-ART RAINBOW PAPER 216 x 279mm (8.5x11Inch) Pack 12. 101 Login For Price
SCRPS128 SCRPS128 *SCRATCH-ART SOLID MULTICOLOUR PAPER 216x279mm (8.5x11in) Pack 12. Contains 2 sheets each of blue; green; pink; red; white; yellow and a Scratch stick. 59 Login For Price
SCRPSW508 SCRPSW508 *SCRATCH-ART SOLID WHITE SCRATCH PAPER 216 x 279mm (8.5x11Inch) Pack 50. 4 Login For Price
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