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SM3398 SM3398 *SCRATCH MAGIC SCRATCHIN FASHION - ISLAND WEDDING. Mix and match clothing and accessory stickers for the latest looks and then scratch, peel and stick dazzling scenery stickers on the large 215 x 235mm backdrops to complete the scene. Each kit contains over 50 Scratch Magic Scratchin Fashion dress-up stickers, 2 dress up models in large picture scenes, 2 picture stand sets, wooden drawing stylus and instuctions. 9 Login For Price
SM3432 SM3432 *SCRATCH MAGIC DRAW+LEARN STICKERS-OUTER SPACE. Scratch and create sparkling and colourful stickers of Artic animals while learning about them at the same time. Each sticke rpack contains 20 black-coated multicolour and sparkling holographic sticker shapes, wooden drawing stylus, instrctions and fun facts sheet. 2 Login For Price
SM3439 SM3439 *SCRATCH-MAGIC TRAVELIN FASHION FUN KIT-USA. Scratch and create sparkling outfits in all parts of the world with Scratchin' Fashion Travelling kits. Each kit contains over 35 clothing stickers, wooden drawing stylus, postcards and scenes from the fashion centres of the world - the USA, France, Italy and England. 14 Login For Price
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