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Magnani Etrusca Social Stationery

The Etrusca range of stationery and cards has a luxurious, soft, subtle texture created with Magnani's exclusive "Corona" felt. These fine papers are ideal for invitations, announcements or just for people who love written correspondence. Etrusca is one of the most complete lines of fine stationery available today.

The range includes deckled edge writing sheets, single cards, folded cards, squares and matching envelopes, as well as text and cover sheets - 300 and 600gsm. Etrusca is also very versatile takes offset, letterpress, engraving, thermography, blind embossing, foil stamping and silkscreen. Corresponding envelopes are available for each card.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
M0400EB M0400EB *ETRUSCA ENVELOPE 70x100mm PALE BLUE-Pk100 6 Login For Price
M0400EP M0400EP *ETRUSCA ENVELOPE 70x100mm PALE PINK-Pk100 4 Login For Price
M0400EW M0400EW *MAGNANI ETRUSCA ENVELOPE 70x100mm WHITE-Pk100 14 Login For Price
M0400SCB M0400SCB *ETRUSCA CALLING CARD 65x95mm PALE BLUE-Pk100 6 Login For Price
M0400SCP M0400SCP *ETRUSCA CALLING CARD 65x95mm PALE PINK-Pk100 1 Login For Price
M0450PCW M0450PCW *MAGNANI ETRUSCA FOLDED PLACE CARD 100x100mm WHITE-Pk100 8 Login For Price
M0500EB M0500EB *ETRUSCA ENVELOPE 90x140mm PALE BLUE-Pk100 10 Login For Price
M0500EG M0500EG *ETRUSCA ENVELOPE 90x140mm PALE GREY-Pk100 8 Login For Price
M0500EP M0500EP *ETRUSCA ENVELOPE 90x140mm PALE PINK-Pk100 8 Login For Price
M0500ES M0500ES MAGNANI ETRUSCA ENVELOPE 90x140mm IVORY Box 100 3 Login For Price
M0500EW M0500EW ETRUSCA ENVELOPE 90x140mm WHITE-Pk100 12 Login For Price
M0500LCB M0500LCB Login For Price
M0500LCG M0500LCG *ETRUSCA FOLDED CARD 130x170mm PALE GREY-Pk100 1 Login For Price
M0500LCP M0500LCP Login For Price
M0500LCS M0500LCS ETRUSCA FOLDED CARD 130x170mm IVORY Box 100 0 Login For Price
M0500LCW M0500LCW ETRUSCA FOLDED CARD 130x170mm WHITE-Pk100 0 Login For Price
M0500SCB M0500SCB *ETRUSCA SINGLE CARD 85x130mm PALE BLUE-Pk100 2 Login For Price
M0500SCG M0500SCG *ETRUSCA SINGLE CARD 85x130mm PALE GREY-Pk100 1 Login For Price
M0500SCS M0500SCS Login For Price
M0500SCW M0500SCW Login For Price
M05SQEW M05SQEW *ETRUSCA SQUARE ENVELOPE140x140mm WHITE-Pk100 51 Login For Price
M05SQLCW M05SQLCW *ETRUSCA FOLDED CARD 133x266mm WHITE-Pk100 25 Login For Price
M05SQSCW M05SQSCW *ETRUSCA SINGLE CARD 133x133mm WHITE-Pk100 28 Login For Price
M0600ACG M0600ACG *ETRUSCA FOLDED CARD 115x340mm PALE GREY-Pk100 8 Login For Price
M0600ACP M0600ACP *ETRUSCA FOLDED CARD 115x340mm PALE PINK-Pk100 10 Login For Price
M0600ACW M0600ACW ETRUSCA FOLDED CARD 115x340mm WHITE-Pk100 10 Login For Price
M0600EB M0600EB *ETRUSCA ENVELOPE 120x180mm PALE BLUE-Pk100 4 Login For Price
M0600EG M0600EG *ETRUSCA ENVELOPE 120x180mm PALE GREY-Pk100 11 Login For Price
M0600EP M0600EP *ETRUSCA ENVELOPE 120x180mm PALE PINK-Pk100 14 Login For Price
M0600ES M0600ES MAGNANI ETRUSCA ENVELOPE 120x180mm IVORY Box100 2 Login For Price
M0600EW M0600EW ETRUSCA ENVELOPE 120x180mm WHITE-Pk100 25 Login For Price
M0600LCB M0600LCB Login For Price
M0600LCG M0600LCG *ETRUSCA FOLDED CARD 170x230mm PALE GREY-Pk100 4 Login For Price
M0600LCP M0600LCP *ETRUSCA FOLDED CARD 170x230mm PALE PINK-Pk100 5 Login For Price
M0600LCS M0600LCS MAGNANI ETRUSCA FOLDED CARD 170x230mm IVORY Boc 100 0 Login For Price
M0600LCW M0600LCW ETRUSCA FOLDED CARD 170x230mm WHITE-Pk100 0 Login For Price
M0600SCG M0600SCG *ETRUSCA SINGLE CARD 115x170mm PALE GREY-Pk100 1 Login For Price
M0600SCS M0600SCS MAGNANI ETRUSCA IVORY CARD 115x170mm Box100 0 Login For Price
M0600SCW M0600SCW ETRUSCA SINGLE CARD 115x170mm WHITE-Pk100 0 Login For Price
M06SQEW M06SQEW *MAGNANI ETRUSCA ENVELOPE 165x165mm WHITE Pk.100 50 Login For Price
M06SQLCS M06SQLCS *ETRUSCA FOLDED CARD 159x318mm IVORY-Pk100 13 Login For Price
M06SQLCW M06SQLCW *ETRUSCA FOLDED CARD 159x318mm WHITE-Pk100 25 Login For Price
M06SQSCS M06SQSCS *ETRUSCA SINGLE CARD 159x159mm IVORY-Pk100 20 Login For Price
M06SQSCW M06SQSCW *ETRUSCA SINGLE CARD 159x159mm WHITE-Pk100 27 Login For Price
M0700ES M0700ES *MAGNANI ETRUSCA ENVLELOPE 156x210mmIVORY Pk100 33 Login For Price
M0700EW M0700EW *MAGNANI ETRUSCA ENVELOPE 156x210mmWHITE-Pk100 45 Login For Price
M0700LCS M0700LCS *ETRUSCA FOLDED CARD 200x300mm IVORY-Pk100 14 Login For Price
M0700LCW M0700LCW ETRUSCA FOLDED CARD 200x300mm WHITE-Pk100 23 Login For Price
M0700SCS M0700SCS ETRUSCA SINGLE CARD 150x200mm IVORY Pk100 5 Login For Price
M0700SCW M0700SCW ETRUSCA SINGLE CARD 150x200mm WHITE-Pk100 0 Login For Price
M07SQES M07SQES *ETRUSCA (OUTER) ENVELOPE190x190mm IVORY-Pk100 19 Login For Price
M07SQEW M07SQEW *ETRUSCA (OUTER) ENVELOPE190x190mm WHITE-Pk100 30 Login For Price
M07SQIES M07SQIES *ETRUSCA (INNER) ENVELOPE 184x184mm IVORY-Pk100 19 Login For Price
M07SQIEW M07SQIEW *ETRUSCA (INNER) ENVELOPE 184x184mm WHITE-Pk100 27 Login For Price
M07SQSCS M07SQSCS *ETRUSCA SINGLE CARD 178x178mm IVORY-Pk100 19 Login For Price
M07SQSCW M07SQSCW *ETRUSCA SINGLE CARD 178x178mm WHITE-Pk100 28 Login For Price
M0800ES M0800ES ETRUSCA ENVELOPE 162x220mm IVORY-Pk100 15 Login For Price
M0800EW M0800EW ETRUSCA ENVELOPE 162x220mm WHITE-Pk100 28 Login For Price
M0900ES M0900ES *ETRUSCA DL (110x220mm) ENVELOPE IVORY-Pkt.100 2 Login For Price
M0900EW M0900EW *ETRUSCA DL (110x220mm) ENVELOPE WHITE-Pkt.100 12 Login For Price
M0900SHW M0900SHW *ETRUSCA A4 (210x297mm) LETTER SHEET WHITE Pkt.100 9 Login For Price
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