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Watercolour Paper - Awagami

Awagami Bamboo Watercolour Paper: A fine organic choice for the watercolour artist exhibiting notable benefits and advantages over cotton based papers. The luxurious texture of Awagami Bamboo watercolour paper is similar to silk while softer than cotton making it an excellent choice for watercolour painting. Awagami Bamboo Watercolour paper contains 70% bamboo fibre plus 30% recycled Kozo (mulberry) fibre and is 100% acid free and generously sized for all water-based media. Made in Japan with no fluorescent bleaching. Available in 250gsm sheets with two deckle edges. Features a significantly strong yet smooth/medium velvety textured surface to best express and respond beautifully to watercolourists' brushstrokes.

Awagami Hakuho Watercolour Paper: This 220gsm Awagami paper is manufactured from an impressive blend of 45% Kozo and 55% cotton fibres making it the first fine art paper to feature this unique "East-meets-West" blend of fibres. Acid-free with a pH level of 7-8. Its strong and resilient surface is certain to lend unique textural depth to works created upon it.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
AW2135252 AW2135252 AWAGAMI BAMBOO WATERCOLOUR PAPER 56x76cm 250gsm 25 Sheets. 9 Login For Price
AW8362012 AW8362012 AWAGAMI 250gsm BAMBOO WATERCOLOUR PAPER 24x32cm POCHETTE of 6 Sheets. 201 Login For Price
AW8390016 AW8390016 *AWAGAMI BAMBOO WATERCOLOUR BLOCK F4 250GSM. 15 Sheets. 19 Login For Price
AW8390101 AW8390101 *AWAGAMI HAKUHO POSTCARD PAD 220gsm 100x150mm (4x6inch )15 Sheets 39 Login For Price
AW8390102 AW8390102 AWAGAMI HAKUHO WATERCOLOUR PAD 220gsm 158x228mm 15 Sheets 26 Login For Price
AW8390104 AW8390104 *AWAGAMI HAKUHO WATERCOLOUR PAD 220gsm 242x332mm 15 Sheets 7 Login For Price
AW8390201 AW8390201 *AWAGAMI BAMBOO WATERCOLOUR POSTCARDS 250gsm 100mm x 148mm 15 Sheets 2 Login For Price
AW8390202 AW8390202 *AWAGAMI BAMBOO WATERCOLOUR PAD 250gsm 158x228mm 15 Sheets 19 Login For Price
AW8390204 AW8390204 *AWAGAMI BAMBOO WATERCOLOUR PAD 250gsm 242x332mm 15 Sheets 19 Login For Price
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