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Watercolour Paper - Synthetic

Synthetic watercolour paper manufactured from 100% Polypropylene. This paper is waterproof, stain resistant and extremely strong and durable. It features a non-absorbent surface that resists tearing and buckling. It remains perfectly flat, eliminating the need for soaking, stretching or taping. It is pH neutral, flawlessly smooth and recyclable. Ideal for use with watercolours, alcohol inks, acrylic paint, graphite etc. 

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
CR37185 CR37185 *SYNTHETIC WATERCOLOUR PAPER PAD 158gsm A3 20 SHEETS 6 Login For Price
CR37186 CR37186 Login For Price
CR37188 CR37188 *SYNTHETIC WATERCOLOUR PAPER PAD 200gsm A3 10 SHEETS 38 Login For Price
CR37189 CR37189 *SYNTHETIC WATERCOLOUR PAPER PAD 200gsm A4 10 SHEETS 61 Login For Price
CR37192 CR37192 *SYNTHETIC WATERCOLOUR PAPER 158gsm A3 Pack 20 Sheets 30 Login For Price
CR37193 CR37193 *SYNTHETIC WATERCOLOUR PAPER 158gsm A4 Pack 20 Sheets 24 Login For Price
CR37196 CR37196 *SYNTHETIC WATERCOLOUR PAPER 200gsm A3 Pack 10 Sheets 30 Login For Price
CR37197 CR37197 *SYNTHETIC WATERCOLOUR PAPER 200gsm A4 Pack 10 Sheets. 1 Login For Price
SWP158A3 SWP158A3 *SYNTHETIC WATERCOLOUR PAPER PAD 158gsm A3 WHITE 20 Sheet 6 Login For Price
SWP158A4 SWP158A4 *SYNTHETIC WATERCOLOUR PAPER PAD 158gsm A4 WHITE 20 Sheet 68 Login For Price
SWP158A5 SWP158A5 *SYNTHETIC WATERCOLOUR PAPER PAD 158gsm A5 WHITE 20 Sheet 31 Login For Price
SWP200A4 SWP200A4 *SYNTHETIC WATERCOLOUR PAPER PAD 200gsm A4 WHITE 20 Sheet 36 Login For Price
SWP200A5 SWP200A5 *SYNTHETIC WATERCOLOUR PAPER PAD 200gsm A5 WHITE 20 Sheet 144 Login For Price
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