Technical Drawing

Curves - French & Flexible

French curves are used to draw smooth curves of varying radii. The shapes are segments of the Euler spiral or clothoid curve. Inking edges prevent smudging when using ink.

Flexible Curves can be bent to form a desired shape, they adjust quickly form one shape to another. One edge has a raised strip for drawing with ink. 

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
DXFCSET DXFCSET FRENCH CURVE SET of 3. French Curves in Set of Three. Supplied in clear plastic wallet. Inking edges prevent smudging when using Pens or Markers. 4 Login For Price
FLEX030 FLEX030 FLEXIBLE DRAFTING CURVE 300mm. Smooth blue plastic vinyl. 4 Login For Price
FLEX050 FLEX050 FLEXIBLE DRAFTING CURVE 500mm. Smooth blue plastic vinyl. 6 Login For Price
FLEX060 FLEX060 FLEXIBLE DRAFTING CURVE 600mm. Smooth blue plastic vinyl. 2 Login For Price
FLEX090 FLEX090 FLEXIBLE DRAFTING CURVE 900mm. Smooth blue plastic vinyl. 4 Login For Price
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