Technical Drawing

Drawing Boards & Accessories

Drawing boards are an essential part of the Technical Drawing process. This range of boards will suit students of every level. 
T-squares, drafting heads and other accessories also available. 

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
BT4449 BT4449 LINEX DRAWING BOARD CLIPS Pack 4. Metal clips for drawing boards. Keeps paper in place when working on large drawings. 0 Login For Price
BT497000 BT497000 *BANTEX DRAWING BOARD DUO LOCK. This stable drawing board is made from impact proof plastic. It features a compass potting scale, a profile for straight edge movement, a protractor with an inverse scale and anti-slip protection on the underside of the board. A3 size. 3 Login For Price
BT497500 BT497500 *BANTEX A3 DRAWING BOARD RIGID CASE. High quality, white, Drawing Board case made from durable high impact plastic. 2 Login For Price
DRABBA3 DRABBA3 #BANTEX A3 SOFT-SIDED DRAWING BOARD BAG. A padded, waterproof neoprene carry bag with handles to suit Linex or similat A3 drawing board. Please note item with descriptions pre-fixed # are special order products and generally available within a few days following receipt of your order. 0 Login For Price
DRABDA3 DRABDA3 DRAFTEX DRAWING BOARD DOUBLE LOCKING A3. A great, well priced, portable desktop unit that is designed for working with A3 size drawings. Features a double locking Parallel Rule with a push button release and additional lock on right side. Also graduated compass plotting scale along top edge, horizontal and vertical metric rule markings, magnetic paper clamping rails with additional corner clamp, set square/protractor attachment for measuring and drawing angles and vertical lines plus a set of board tilters (reversible for 2 separate heights). 8 Login For Price
JR400027 JR400027 CEL-EDGE PARALLEL BLADE 60cm WOODEN T-SQUARE. Fixed head T-Square with clear acrylic inking edges and parallel wooden blade to suit drawing boards up to A2 in size for left or right hand use. 3 Login For Price
JR400029 JR400029 CEL-EDGE PARALLEL BLADE 90cm WOODEN T-SQUARE. Fixed head T-Square with clear acrylic inking edges and parallel wooden blade to suit drawing boards up to A1 in size for left or right hand use. 0 Login For Price
JR400434 JR400434 *RICHESON METAL EDGE DRAWING BOARD 610x915mm (A1+). A lightweight drawing board that provides a firm support for working alone or at an easel. The surface is made of smooth sanded hardwood laminate providing the user with a warp resistant surface. It features a metal edge on both sides. 51 Login For Price
JTD65 JTD65 *JULLIAN ADJUSTABLE BEECHWOOD DRAWING/DRAFTING BOARD . Made from oiled beechwood, this djustable drawing or drafting board features 5 positions. The drawing board size of 50x65cm will accommodate up to A2 size papers with a full length pencil tray and adjustable linen carrying strap. 15 Login For Price
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