3 Dimensional

Serpentine Carving Stone

Serpentine is an attractive green carving stone preferred by artists and sculptors alike. Our Serpentine is rated at 1.5 - 2.5 (medium/hard) on the non-linear Mohs Hardness Scale which means its absolute hardness is up to 2 times that of soapstone. This stone is imported from India and is one of the most commonly used carving stones with pieces form 15-50Kg. It possesses a homogenous structure (i.e. same composition throughout the stone) and can be polished to a glossy finish using 1200 grit wet'n dry abrasive paper. Finished Serpentine can often be difficult to distinguish from Jade; a testament to the beauty of this fine material. This harder stone can be worked with a club hammer and chisel, scutch hammer and chisel, rasps and files before finishing. These tools can also be used to work the softer soapstone.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
ST22475 ST22475 *RED/GREEN SERPENTINE CARVING STONE - Per Kg 444 Login For Price
ST22590 ST22590 *GREEN SERPENTINE CARVING STONE (15-50kg) Per kg. 691.6 Login For Price
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