3 Dimensional

Soapstone Carving Stone

Soapstone is a dense, close-grained, natural stone with no stratification or cleavage thus resisting the tendency to chip, split or flake and lends itself perfectly to sculptural carving. No other natural stone can be worked in like manner and retain the smooth finish and detail that can be achieved with basic carving tools. It remains one of the least expensive yet most satisfying 3D activities by developing the student's perception of the physical world and teaching spatial theory. Soapstone is one of the softest stones available, rated at 1 - 2 on the non-linear Mohs Hardness Scale. Our soapstone is sourced and imported from Brazil and are available in several colours. These are quality pieces of soapstone. They possess a homogenous structure (i.e. same composition throughout the stone), are easy to work by hand and rate between 1 - 2 on the Mohs hardness scale. It is easily sawn and worked with rasps, files, drills, carving tools. A great finish can be achieved with final smoothing using wet'n dry abrasive papers for a glass smooth finish and then polished to a high gloss.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
SS10123 SS10123 MIXED SOAPSTONE PIECES (1-5kg) BAG 25Kg. 5 Login For Price
SS10124 SS10124 ASIA/BRAZIL MIXED SOAPSTONE PIECES (0.5-1.5kg) Bag 10 Kg. 27 Login For Price
SS22455 SS22455 YELLOW/GREEN SOAPSTONE (3-15kg pieces) Per Kg 237.68 Login For Price
SS22965 SS22965 TURQUOISE SOAPSTONE(3>15kg pieces) Per Kg. 0 Login For Price
SS26041 SS26041 MID GREEN SOAPSTONE (1-5kg) BOXED BAG 20Kg. 0 Login For Price
SS26046 SS26046 RED BRAZIL SOAPSTONE (1-5kg) BOXED BAG 20Kg. 22 Login For Price
SS26501 SS26501 DARK GREEN SOAPSTONE (1-5kg) BOXED BAG 20Kg. 12 Login For Price
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