3 Dimensional

Paper Mache

Jovi Patmache is a ready-to-use, papier-mache modelling material. It is lightweight and clean and dries at room temperature. It is easy to knead and mold. Once dry, it can be decorated with paint or small objects after applying a coat of varnish. Patmache does not stain.
Mix-It Instant Papier Mache is easy to use, without the mess of original papier mache .Very economical so is perfect for the classroom and larger projects. Finished items are lightweight and can be decorated once dry. Mix-It will adhere to supporting forms such as paper, glass, wood etc.
SIO Instant Papier Mache is a fast drying, specially formulated, quick drying powder ideal for classroom use. It is very easy to mix and to model any style of figure or shape especially with the use of an aluminium wire armature. Becomes very hard, yet light, upon drying and can be sanded and painted with any poster or acrylic classroom paint.

Sio-2 Safety Data Sheets

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
JV00380 JV00380 JOVI PATMACHE READY-2-USE PAPER MACHE 680gm 0 Login For Price
PAPM02 PAPM02 MIX-IT PAPIER MACHE 2kg Bag. 3 Login For Price
PAPM500 PAPM500 SIO-2 PAPER MACHE 500gm PACK 45 Login For Price
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