3 Dimensional

Plaster Cloth

Plaster cloth is easy to use and is simply cut with scissors to appropriate lengths for the project. After immersing in water simply shape the Plaster Cloth freeform or it drape over armatures (wire bottles etc.). After allowing to dry it can be decorated with almost any paint colour or finish. Excellent for masks sculptures models and other construction projects.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
MODR10 MODR10 MODROC PLASTER OFFCUTS-10kg Box. Bulk plaster bandage offcuts- supplied in random widths and lengths. 1 Login For Price
MW10 MW10 MOD-WRAP PLASTER CLOTH BANDAGE 5kg CLASSROOM PACK. Four rolls of 305mm wide x 9.15 metre long rolls 2 Login For Price
PC102702 PC102702 SIO-2 PLASTER IMPREGNATED CLOTH 10cm Wide - 2 x 270cm Rolls 65 Login For Price
PC202702 PC202702 SIO-2 PLASTER IMPREGNATED CLOTH 20cm WIDE -2 x 270cm Rolls. 34 Login For Price
SFTPW04 SFTPW04 PLASTER WRAP MODELLING ROLL 10cm Wide x 457cm Long. 503 Login For Price
SFTPW12 SFTPW12 PLASTER WRAP MODELLING ROLL 30cm Wide x 457cm Long. 743 Login For Price
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