3 Dimensional

Pottery Plaster

Pottery Plaster is the traditional material for casting modelling and construction work. These powders are pottery grade casting plaster for carving and detailed casting applications. When using molds for smaller figures, shapes and pendants, mix two parts plaster with one part water to the consistency of thin cream (without whipping which may introduce air bubbles) and overfill mould by 5-10% to allow for any shrinkage during setting. PVA glue may be added to the water in the proportions of one part PVA to 5 of water to make smaller items chip-resistant.



Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
CASP1KG CASP1KG *FINE CAST (SIO-2) POTTERY PLASTER 1Kg. A finer grade of pottery grade casting plaster. 171 Login For Price
CASP20 CASP20 POTTERY PLASTER - 20Kg Bag. 30 Login For Price
POTP02.5 POTP02.5


5 Login For Price
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