3 Dimensional

Armature Wire

Armature wire creates the structure that keeps a sculpture together and provides a frame upon which to work. This economical aluminium wire is lightweight, very pliable, non-staining, non-corrosive, clean and rustproof.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
ARMC15 ARMC15 ALUMINIUM ARMATURE WIRE 1.6mm x 1kg. Roll is approximately 175 metres long. 21 Login For Price
ARMC29 ARMC29 ALUMINIUM ARMATURE WIRE 3.0mm x 1kg. Roll is approximately 50 metres long. 11 Login For Price
CT042 CT042 PAPER WRAPPED FORM-IT WIRE 4mm x 50m ROLL. Flat 4mm wide aluminium wire wrapped in twisted paper. Flexible and sturdy, it is very easy to model and suitable for 3D modelling and craft projects. The paper surface can be decorated and embellished with paint and markers. -7 Login For Price
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