3 Dimensional

EPS Foam Blocks

High density, expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam blocks are ideal for creating large, lightweight sculptured works of art. Available in a range of modular sizes that can be glued together with "Foam Fusion" adhesive to create much larger blocks as required. EPS blocks can be easily sculpted to a rough shape with Hot Wire Foam Factory cutters before finishing and sanding using woodworking rasps etc. The foam surface can then be sealed and hardened with the application of a "Foam Coat" surface ready for decorating with a painted or other final finish to create the desired effect. Replica stone-like and waterproof finishes can be achieved using Foam Coat "Grit" and/or Foam Coat "Boost" additives. Is EPS Foam "Earth Friendly?" EPS Foam (expanded polystyrene) is recyclable and is a pre-existing waste by-product of petroleum refinement. It takes less energy to make than paper and causes less pollution in the process. Ventilation of your working area is always strongly suggested, but the smoke that you may encounter while cutting EPS foam is primarily CO2 and water vapour which are not harmful.
Freight on blocks charged at cost.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
CONFA310 CONFA310 CONSTRUCTION FOAM SHEETS A3x5mm Pack 10. These A3 polystyrene foam sheets are ideal for construction projects being easy to cut with the Polycutter styrene cutter. Can be glued with Supertac PVA craft glue or by using a low melt glue prior to decorating with acrylic paints. The 5mm thick foam sheets can be glued in layers to create thicker sheets and blocks. 1 Login For Price
EPSB0233 EPSB0233 EPS FOAM BLOCK 225 x 307 x 315mm. Additional freight charges apply 13 Login For Price
EPSB0334 EPSB0334 EPS FOAM BLOCK 307 x 315 x 450mm. Additional freight charges apply 6 Login For Price
EPSB0346 EPSB0346 EPS FOAM BLOCK 315 x 450 x 615mm. Additional freight charges apply 2 Login For Price
EPSB0466 EPSB0466 EPS FOAM BLOCK 450 x 615 x 630mm. Additional freight charges apply 2 Login For Price
EPSB4612 EPSB4612 EPS FOAM BLOCK 450 x 630 x 1230mm. Additional freight charges apply - Feb.2023 - $100 or $8.33 per block 8 Login For Price
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