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Hot Wire Foam Kits

Hot Wire Crafters Kits include the best American-made hot wire foam cutters for new crafters that want to start sculpting Styrofoam, or for hobbyists who want to make detailed, intricate cuts or foam carvings. These craft kits are the perfect addition to any tool kit, giving each artist unmatched versatility. Start with one of the popular tools - the Hot Knife, Sculpting Tool or Engraving Tool - then add more!

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
HW003FK HW003FK HOT WIRE FOAM FACTORY SCROLL TABLE TRAVELLING FENCE KIT. A stationary ABS guide that can mounted anywyhere on the original Scroll Table. Includes stationary fence for precision slicing and unique travelling fence for creating controllable complex angles including mitred cuts. Can also be used to make cylinders and cones. 2 Login For Price
HW003FK HWFF035IK HOT WIRE INDUSTRIAL KNIFE ONLY 150mm. Designed for cutting EPS foam and Styrofoam in industrial and commercial environments. The tool of choice for building contractors when cutting insulation foam and for EIFS construction. Also used for building large scale theatrical sets, theme and amusement park sets. These tools are designed for heavy use. 9 Login For Price
HWFF35IKT HWFF35IKT HOT WIRE FOAM FACTORY INDUSTRIAL HOT KNIFE KIT. Supplied in a sturdy carrying case containing Industrial Hot Knife tool, 10cm Straight Blade, 15cm Straight Blade, Sled Guide with replaceable 30cm semi-rigid and bendable grooving blades, 2 x 305mm round blades for creative cutting, 2 x 305mm flat blades for creative cutting, 3m power cord, cleaning brush and blade tightening tool. 4 Login For Price
HWFFK02 HWFFK02 HOT WIRE SCULPTING TOOL KIT. The most popular and versatile tool kit offered. Includes a sculpting tool, power supply, six 175mm long hot wires and basic instructional DVD that takes the user through all the basics of using the Sculpting Tool plus tips on foam gluing coating and painting. Spare wires available. 10 Login For Price
HWFFK03 HWFFK03 HOT WIRE SCROLL TABLE SET. The original Hot Wire Scroll Table for cutting straight edges, strips, angles, curves, cylinders and cones features simple adjustment for making angled cuts. The 305 x 356mm table is manufactured from industrial strength ABS plastic with a 200mm deep cutting capacity. Supplied complete with a standard power supply and four long-life cutting blades. Spare blades available. 6 Login For Price
HWFFK05 HWFFK05 HOT WIRE 3-in-1 CRAFTERS KIT. This kit brings together all three basic Hot Wire tools in a rigid plastic carry and storage case complete with six sculpting tool hot wires, power supply and the comprehensive 90 minute instructional DVD. on order - coming soon Login For Price
HWFFK11 HWFFK11 HOT WIRE STANDARD HOT KNIFE KIT. A combination hand-held scroll saw and drill that cuts foam fast and cleanly with surgical precision. The 100mm long blade is made from thin toughened steel that slices quickly and cleanly in any direction. Includes hot knife power supply and an instructional DVD. on order - coming soon Login For Price
HWFFK16 HWFFK16 HOT WIRE 2-in-1 CRAFTERS KIT. This kit combines the popular Sculpting and Hot Wire tools in a rigid plastic carry and storage case complete with one power supply, six sculpting tool hot wires and comprehensive 90 minute instructional DVD. on order - coming soon Login For Price
HWK05MS HWK05MS HOT WIRE 4-IN-1 CRAFTERS KIT. This comprehensive kit contains the Engraving Tool Hot Knife Sculpting tool and mini scroll table with the capacity to shapes up 180 x 200mm in size. Power supply and 80 minute full instructional DVD also included. 3 Login For Price
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