3 Dimensional

Steel Wires & Wire Netting

Black Tie Wire: A mid-soft, unplated steel wire which is firmer than aluminium armature wire, but not as firm as galvanised steel wire. It is the perfect middle ground modelling wire but is supplied in its ex-factory unplated "mill scale" finish which means it is black and rusty and will temporarily soil hands.
Galvanised Tie Wire: Firmest galvanised steel, strong and clean. A firm, non-corrosive, plated steel wire for all modelling and construction work where a firmer supporting wire is required. 
Wire netting: Extremely useful for larger 3D projects. Can be layered over a wire frame to support the application of Modroc, pottery plaster,clays etc. Easily formed and cut using tin snips). 915mm wide with 13mm holes. 

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
WIRA1160 WIRA1160 ANNEALED BLACK TIE WIRE 1.57mm x 60m - 1Kg.Coil. An ungalvanised but softer and eaier-to-work, ecomnically priced modelling wire with a black, powdery, mill finish. 3 Login For Price
WIRG1125 WIRG1125 GALVANISED TIE WIRE 1.25mm-1 Kg Coil. Approximately 95m long 25 Login For Price
WIRG1160 WIRG1160 GALVANISED TIE WIRE 1.57mm-1 Kg.Coil. F Approximately 60m long 19 Login For Price
WIRG3160 WIRG3160 GALVANISED TIE WIRE 1.57mm-3 Kg Coil. Approximately 180m long 14 Login For Price
WIRN1210 WIRN1210 WIRE NETTING 90x13x0.6mmx10 METRE ROLL. Extremely useful for larger 3D projects. This galvanised wire mesh can be layered over a wire or timber frame to support the application of Modroc, pottery plaster, clays etc. Easily formed and cut (use tin snips) - width 915mm with 13.0mm holes. 8 Login For Price
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