3 Dimensional

Crayola Model Magic

Air drying white modelling compound. Has unique properties of very light weight and high volume. It is smooth, non-wet, permanent, non-flaking, non-crumbling and non-greasy. It won't stick to or stain skin or most clothing. It is soft, pliable and resilient. It is sandable when dry. It will air dry to a firm consistency in 24 hours and will not shrink.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
C236001 MODEL MAGIC 75 x 1oz WHITE CLASSPACK 14 Login For Price
C236002 MODEL MAGIC 75x1oz ASSORTED COLOURS CLASSPACK. Contains an assortment of white, red, yellow and blue. 4 Login For Price
C574400 MODEL MAGIC MODELLING CLAY WHITE-907g BUCKET. Contains four sealed 226 gram packs of white. 9 Login For Price
C574415 MODEL MAGIC PRIMARY COLOURS CLAY-907g BUCKET. Contains one sealed 226 gram pack each in red, yellow, blue and white. 4 Login For Price
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