3 Dimensional

Jovi Plastilina Modelling Clay

Jovi Plastilina is a highly malleable, coloured vegetable paste that's ideal for kids from the age of 3. Light and big in volume, Plastilina is very plastic and has a highly consistent and firm texture, making it easy or children to work, mould and shape. It does not stain, dry out and can be worked at low temperatures and used with moulds and modelling tools, allowing all sorts of flat and three-dimensional models to be produced. Great for animation techniques as Plastilina is ideal for creating figures with a degree of movement.




Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
JV00014 JV00014 *JOVI PLASTILINA MODELLING CLAY/MOULDS SET. A great little starter set for the young artist's introduction to modelling clay. Set of 11 pieces including 3 x plastic knives, 3 x cut out moulds, 6 x 50g assorted colours of modelling clay, 1 plastic mat all housed in a resealable bucket with carry handle. 4 Login For Price
JV00158 JV00158 *JOVI PLASTILINA CLAY/MOULD KIT SET OF 12. An excellent starter assortment set comprising of clays, moulds and tools to introduce modelling and sculpting to young children. Set of 6 x 50g clays, 3 tools and 3 moulds. 4 Login For Price
JV00230 JV00230 *JOVI PLASTILINA MODELLING 24 PIECE CARRY CASE. A 24 piece assortment including a carry/storage case. 17 Login For Price
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