3 Dimensional

Jovi Soft (Play) Dough

Jovi Blandiver is a very soft, coloured modelling dough that is easy to mould. Designed to be the first dough for children from the age of 3 upwards it is non-toxic, water-based with a fresh texture and pleasant feel. Blandiver is available in bright colours that can be mixed together. It can be used with moulds, rolling pins, modelling tools and presses or extruders. It dries at room temperature, is non-oily and is easy to clean and re-usable. 

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
JV00405F JV00405F *JOVI SOFT (PLAY)DOUGH FLUORESCENT COLOURS SET OF 5. Contains one 110gm block each in fluorescent yellow, orange, red, green and blue. 1 Login For Price
JV00444 JV00444 *JOVI SOFT (PLAY) DOUGH + ACCESSORIES TUB. A neat set housed in a plastic bucket with handle. Contains 1 mat, 3 tools, 4 pots of soft (play) dough and 6 press moulds. 6 Login For Price
JV0046001 JV0046001 *JOVI SOFT DOUGH WHITE 460gm TUB 24 Login For Price
JV0046002 JV0046002 *JOVI SOFT DOUGH YELLOW 460gm TUB 47 Login For Price
JV0046003 JV0046003 *JOVI SOFT DOUGH RED 460gm TUB 11 Login For Price
JV0046004 JV0046004 *JOVI SOFT DOUGH GREEN 460gm TUB 21 Login For Price
JV0046005 JV0046005 *JOVI SOFT DOUGH BLUE 460gm TUB 11 Login For Price
JV0046006 JV0046006 *JOVI SOFT DOUGH VIOLET 460gm TUB 24 Login For Price
JV0046007 JV0046007 *JOVI SOFT DOUGH ORANGE 460gm TUB 21 Login For Price
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