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Merchandising options from Kum to neatly showcase and display products.

Please note: An additional Freight charge will be applicable for most stands.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
K1070424 K1070424 KUM WOODEN PENCIL SHARPENERS & ACCESSORIES DISPLAY. Attractive and compact countertop display containing a selection of KUM's wooden range. Contains 48 x single hole Beechwood sharpeners, 24 x double-hole Beechwood sharpeners, 15 x wooden ruler 15cm, 21 x Oko 1 container sharpeners made of recycled cardboard in 3 designs and 15 craft erasers. Display measures 305x285x305mm 4 Login For Price
K3700024 K3700024 KUM BLACK & WHITE QUOTES PENCIL SHARPENER DISPLAY. Attractive and compact countertop display combining 2 popular pencil sharpener ranges and ruler with life quotes written on the outside. The display contains 14 sharpeners each of the 1870 M2 (single hole 8mm, container) and 29 sharpeners each of the 208 M2 (double hole 8 & 11mm, container) in black and white styles plus 10 pieces each of a 15cm ruler in black (with white script) and 10 each in white (with black script). Display measures 305x285x305mm. 4 Login For Price
K5119124 K5119124 KUM MEMORY POINT BRUSH DISPLAY. Contains 12 of each of the 37 brushes in the Memory Point range. 444 brushes in total! Display measures 35.7 cm (L) x 19.8 cm (W) x 45.5 cm (H) 4 Login For Price
K5149324 K5149324 KUM SCHOOL & ART BRUSH STOCKED DISPLAY. Contains 24 Round bushes each in sizes 0, 1, 2 & 5, 12 plus 12 Round brushes each in the sizes 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12 & 14; 24 Flat brushes each in the sizes 2, 4 & 8, plus 12 Flat brushes each in the sizes 6, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 & 20. 348 brushes in total! Display measures 27cmL x 26.5cmW x 39.0 cmH. 13 Login For Price
K9020424 K9020424 #KUM LEFTY COUNTERTOP DISPLAY. Attractive and compact countertop display containing a selection of KUM's most popular left-handed products. Contains 7 x Pencil Pal Lefty, 6 x Click Snap Lefty, 5 x Softie M2, 12 x 2-in-1 Lefty, 20 x Ultra CLN erasers, 20 x Softie Flex 15cm Ruler, 15 x Sattler Grips, 3 x Softie Cut Round Lefty scissors and 2 x Softie Cut Sharp Lefty scissors. Display measures 305x285x305mm. 1 Login For Price
K9ROTDISP K9ROTDISP KUM 3 TIERED ROTATING SHARPENER DISPLAY. Manufactured from tough, 2mm, crystal clear acrylic, the perfect medium for displaying these top-of-the-range, artists pencil sharpeners. Measuring only 206mm in Diameter x 400mm High, will this unique display require only a small footprint instore. Perfect for the counter top or as a value-add alongside your existing pencil ranges. Contents: 10 x AS2 Automatic Long-Point sharpener (K1053021), 7 x AS2M Auto Long-Point + 2mm lead sharpener (K1053121), 7 x AS3 Automatic Long-Point sharpener (K1055511), 7 x Double Brass wedge sharpener (K1040551), 9 x 400 5L Magnesium Long Point sharpener (K1040601), 4 x Black Widow sharpener (K1057411), 5 x Meisterwork (Masterpiece) sharpener (K1057211), 5 x 218T Sharp/Round Sharpener (K1050471), 7 x 4-in-1 sharpener (K1028321) and 6 x Glass Bottle 100th anniversary sharpener (K1064711). 4 Login For Price
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