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Playcolor Displays

Merchandising options from Playcolor to neatly showcase and display products.

Please note: An additional Freight charge will be applicable for most stands. Contact Customer Service for more information.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
DG10531 DG10531 PLAYCOLOR BASIC POCKET SET STOCKED DISPLAY. This display contains 12 x 6 colour 5gm stick sets plus 6 x 12 colour 5gm stick sets. 16 Login For Price
DG10701 DG10701 PLAYCOLOR 6 COLOUR FLUORESCENT DISPLAY. Display contains 6 boxes each of the 12 x 10gm sets and 12 x 5gm sets 2 Login For Price
DG58046 DG58046 *PLAYCOLOR MAKEUP STICK KIT DISPLAY OF 36. Display is supplied complete with 6 each of the 6 different kits - Camouflage, Zombie, Reptile, Princess, Pirate and Robot . 24 Login For Price
DG58241 DG58241

PLAYCOLOR KIDS POSTER PAINT STICK COUNTER DISPLAY .Contains 3 x 10gm sticks each in white, yellow, red, mid blue, green and black plus 2 x 10gm sticks each brown, purple, sky blue, light green, pink & orange.

44 Login For Price
DG58261 DG58261 KIDS PLAYCOLOR 10g GOUACHE STICK 6/12 COLOUR SET DISPLAY. Display contains 12 each of the 6 x10gm sets and 6 each of the 12 x 10gm sets 2 Login For Price
DG58381 DG58381 PLAYCOLOR ART 6x24 COLOUR OPEN-STOCK DISPLAY. Cardboard single stick storage/counter display supplied with 6 each of all 24 Playcolor Art Gouache sticks. 0 Login For Price
DG58391 DG58391 PLAYCOLOR ART 24 STICK SET COUNTER DISPLAY. Contains 8 sets each of 24 sticks. 0 Login For Price
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