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Sleek and elegant merchandiser to display a small assortment of sketchbooks. Two tiers, each can hold up to six books deep. Rugged laminate construction, silk-screened, a permanent fixture. All journals are individually wrapped. 
• Alpha series – Natural white, 150gsm Vellum paper for dry media and light washes. 
• Beta series – Natural white, 270gsm, Cold Press paper with enhanced wet strength. 
• Gamma series – Ivory, 150gsm, Vellum paper for dry media and light washes. 
• Delta series – Ivory, 270gsm, Cold Press paper with enhanced wet strength.  
 Epsilon series – Natural white, 150gsm Hot Press paper for all dry media
 Nova series – Beige,  Black or Grey 150gsm, medium grain finish paper.
• Zeta series – Natural white, 270gsm Hot Press paper with enhanced wet strength.
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Series Size Style Binding Amount
Alpha 14x21cm Softcover/Portrait Sewn 2
Beta 9x14cm Softcover/Portrait Sewn 2
Beta 15x20cm Hardcover/Portrait Wired 2
Gamma 14x21cm Hardcover/Portrait Sewn 2
Delta 14x21cm Hardcover/Portrait Sewn 2
Delta 18x18cm Hardcover/Portrait Wired 2
Delta 23x30cm Hardcover/Portrait Wired 2
Epsilon 9x14cm Softcover/Portrait Sewn 2
Epsilon A4 Hardcover/Portrait Sewn 2
Nova 9x14cm Softcover/Portrait Sewn 2
Nova (trio) 18x25cm Hardcover/Portrait Wired 2
Zeta 18x25cm Hardcover/Portrait Wired 2


Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
SBD025 SBD025 STILLMAN & BIRN COUNTER DISPLAY. This stylish, compact merchandiser with its small 42cm long x 28cm deep footprint, is ideal for both countertop or shelf displays.Manufactured from sturdy MDF board it is finished in eye-catching black with red and white lettering for maximum graphic impact. 3 Login For Price
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