Apr 30, 2020How to - Textiles

Angelina Fibers and Polymer Stamps

Embellishing with Angelina Fibers and Polymer Stamps

Angelina Fibres - Iridescent, soft shimmering, ultra fine (0.008mm) fibres with a super soft handle that create a luminescent effect where light is reflected and refracted. When heat is applied to the fusible colours, you achieve a luminescent web of non woven fibres. Angelina Fibres can be incorporated into textile work, machine embroidery, spinning, stitching, papermaking, collage, card making and stamping. You can create decorative bowls, panels, papier mache', modelling, appliqu ', book covers and embellishments. For additional effects, try trapping lightweight flat materials between 2 layers of the Angelina Fibres eg sequins, feathers, fine wire. You can also decorate using stamps and metallic fabric paint. Work with your imagination!
Polymer Stamps - Transparent and unmounted polymer stamps will produce clear images that the very fine detail can be reproduced time after time. When used with or without the Stazon ink pad, these stamps will produce stunning effects with Angelina Fibres and fusible films. The size of the stamp is indicated by the grid imposed over the image of the stamp where one square equals 25mm square. Purchase Angelina Fibres here. Purchase Polymer stamps here. Instructions here

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