May 11, 2020How to - Textiles

Distortion of Fabrics

Tyvek lis a non-woven material made from bonded spun polyethylene fibres, cuts like paper and does not fray. You can get great effects with the application of heat and adding Angelina Fibres. It can bubble,distort and shrink giving curious and tactile pieces that can then be sewn, glued etc. Many textile and design uses have been found for Tyvek. It can be slit, scored, die-cut, laminated, embossed, grommetted and sewn, making it extremely versatile. Can be sprayed with Brusho mist spray and can be coloured. Use for costumes, fashion design etc. Can also be used as protective clothing. 

Project 1 - Purchase Tyvek here. Instructions here.

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